To Us, being Romantics, this merging of Two Musical Souls has been more than we could ever have imagined.
Welcome to our Website, we are really glad to see you, thanks for clicking in, please enjoy. Oceans Merge Music -Danny and Mandy
'With all oceans I see the beginning but never the end, I stand in awe and wonder at natures beauty." Mandy
"The songs I write tell of real life stories, of strong feelings of pain and suffering, joy, love, inspiration and wisdom's learnt." Mandy
"Music, like the ocean, take me to another place, that feels safe and eases my worried mind" Mandy
"There will always be more places to visit; more melodies to be heard, more songs for us to sing." Oceans Merge Music
“As we merge our love and music into this beautiful world, we hope that it will bring you, our listeners, connection, healing, inspiration, and joy, all merged in to one.” Danny and Mandy
“Music is and always has been cathartic for me, a release, an escape, a way of maintaining relative sanity". Danny

Oceans Merge Music

When two oceans merge, it is a powerful act of nature. Perhaps more powerful is the poetic concept of seamless ‘joining’, which the image evokes or invokes.

Oceans Merge Music represents a joining of hearts, souls and bodies. It is the merging of two personalities with different tones, flavours, temperatures, textures and colours; yet combine to form a unified entity.

In this case, the meeting of creative minds is between two artists, Amanda Waegeli and Daniel Habermann, who were drawn together from opposite sides of the country with a burning desire to bring music into this beautiful world in which we live.

Inspired by a connection with nature and insights into the ‘Other World’ of limitlessness and timelessness, their music creates a powerful connection, comfort, even healing through a soulful mix of poetry and tone.

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