Amanda Waegeli

“Throughout my life I have drawn on a creative, and spiritual musical energy inside of me to write, play and sing songs. The songs I write tell of real life stories, of strong feelings of pain and suffering, joy, love, inspiration and wisdoms learnt. I am again in this phase of life where my music has become prominent. It is with great privilege and honour that I now have the opportunity, along with my beautiful, talented and encouraging musical partner Danny, to write, sing, play, and now record my music, I am truly blessed and will be forever grateful,”

Amanda Waegeli  

Amanda WaegeliAmanda (affectionately known as Mandy) started playing guitar at fourteen. Primarily self-taught, she mastered some basic chords, just enough to play some old classic’s before working up to bar chords – at which stage she thought she was getting really clever.

She enjoyed singing and the theatre, and was successful in an audition to Geelong Society of Operatic and Dramatic Arts, where she won a song-writing scholarship

At around the same time, she would enjoy reading and writing poetry. Eventually she managed to put some chords to some of the poems she had written and, before long, she was writing pretty good songs.

Although she tended to lack confidence, it was at a challenging time in her life that she rediscovered music as a creative release.

To truly help her get through life struggles, she bought her first guitar at the age of 18; she used her first pay packet. She shared her love of music with family, children, friends, and fellow church parishioners and even in her work. Music was no longer the same when she played it by herself.

She joined a rock and roll band briefly, even got herself an electric guitar, but in later years  joined her parish music ministry, and went back to her acoustic guitar; the same one she bought all those years ago.

Amanda’s faith has always been important to her as a source of hope that has nourished, influenced and sustained her. This is the foundation of many of her songs.