“From music come possibilities! Music is to be shared. It allows it to evolve and become more than words and sound. This is us – we are about connection.”

Daniel Habermann and Amanda Waegeli

 2014-07-15 07.20.43The foundation of Oceans Merge Music is ‘music collaboration’. We therefore provide the following services:

Music Lessons

Currently providing private one-on-one tutorials to people living in the Southern Downs, area in Queensland. It is an opportunity to unlock the secrets of instruments including:

  1. Acoustic Guitar- Alternative Tunings
  2. Hammered Dulcimer
  3. Mountain/Appalachian Dulcimer Instrument

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Educational workshops

Oceans Merge Music is available to present a series of specialist  music workshop. Workshops can be held anywhere with a minimum of 6 and maximum of 15 people.

The current educational workshop being offered is:

Music and Song As Tools for Healing”.

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Private concerts

We do ‘intimate’ really well! Oceans Merge Music is available to perform at weddings, funerals, anniversaries, special occasions, house concerts and more.

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Public performances

It’s a way to introduce soul at any event! Oceans Merge Music can be booked for public performances, conferences, concerts, cafe’s, restaurants, fundraisers, with music selection available to event organisers.

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