Ebb and Flow

Date June, 2015
Catalog C005
Genres Contemporary Folk, Singer Songwriter
Artists Oceans Merge Music, Daniel Habermann & Amanda Waegeli

Track List


Ebb and Flow is Oceans Merge Music fifth album, it is essentially a collection of Love Songs, originals, instrumentals and covers. The theme of Ebb and Flow has to do with being together and apart, the joy of pleasure of being together, the pain and yearning of being apart; with the ebb and flow, rising and falling of the tides, the constant cycle of the seasons, the waxing and waning of the moon. Tracks and who they were written by; 1. Come Back (A. Waegeli/ D. Habermann) 2. Since you came into my life (D. Habermann) 3. To a Songbird (D. Habermann) 4. No More Goodbyes (A. Waegeli/ D. Habermann) 5. The Minstrel's Response (A. Waegeli/ D. Habermann) 6. Waves (D. Habermann) 7. Gifts that you Bring (D. Habermann) 8. Urge for Going (J.Mitchell) 9. Thrill of the Chase (D. Habermann) 10. Make you feel my Love (B.Dylan) 11. Dreams (S.Nicks) 12. Ebb and Flow (D. Habermann)

Ebb and Flow


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